What I do

I offer confidential, professional counselling to help you with:


Love and relationships

In a fast-changing world, finding and sustaining good relationships can be difficult. The task of understanding your own needs is a challenge in itself. And when relationships go wrong your world can be turned upside down. You may be overwhelmed by emotions of loss, confusion and anger. The end of a relationship can feel like the loss of a precious part of yourself.

At Renewal I can help you find new life in your current relationships, or recover your sense of self after a relationship has ended. I can also help you understand negative patterns and free yourself from them. By encouraging self-understanding, I will support you to find more fulfilling ways to love and relate.



Which career path is right for you? We may have dreams of an ideal vocation but are unable to realise them. We may end up pursuing a career that pleases others but not ourselves. Or feel confused when a career that worked well in one stage of life, loses its meaning in another.

Career decisions are complex: you need to match your interests and abilities with an opportunity in the world, while at the same time dealing with the expectations of others and the pressure of earning a livelihood.

At Renewal I can help you identify the reasons behind your dissatisfaction with work. You can then use this understanding to clarify your career aspirations and I will encourage you to take practical steps to achieve them.



Sexuality is complicated. It is a powerful biological drive which is bound up with our need for intimacy and companionship. It also influences our sense of identity and creativity.

What's more, sex is shrouded in moral expectations and notions of what is ‘natural’ and legitimate. It can be difficult to express this part of ourselves without being confused, or fearful of the judgments of others.

At Renewal you will have the opportunity to talk openly about your needs and concerns. If you are unsure about your sexual orientation, I will encourage you to understand and be true to your own identity. I will help you move beyond anxiety and be more at ease with your own sexuality.


Meaning and spirituality

Our inner world needs the nourishment of meaning like our bodies need food. We find ourselves asking questions like: What are my beliefs and aspirations? Does my life have an underlying purpose? How do I get in touch with something greater than myself?

Many people find the answers offered by traditional religion out-of-date and yet the questions persist. At Renewal I encourage you to look for your own answers wherever you may find them - whether in your personal experience, in spiritual traditions, or in culture more broadly. I will support you on your own journey of self-discovery and spirituality.


Parents and our sense of self

We inherit more from our parents than meets the eye. They are our first role models, teachers and audience. They shape our patterns of relating, ideas about life and sense of self. We benefit from their qualities and accomplishments. We are also influenced by their unresolved experiences and unfulfilled tasks. In order to understand ourselves better, we need to understand how we have been shaped by our parents and their environment.

Although our parents influence our development they do not define who we are. One of life’s tasks is to cultivate and express our individuality while also making sense of our parents’ legacy. And this can be a tricky business, especially when the parent-child relationship has been troubled.

At Renewal I can help you navigate your course around these currents. I encourage you to strengthen your individuality and also seek to understand the role your parents have played in shaping your identity. In doing so you gain greater self-understanding and an expanded sense of who you are.


Bad habits

We learn by experience and this includes our mistakes. But when we make the same mistakes again and again we are caught in the rut of a negative pattern. Our bad habits may bring some satisfaction but this is temporary and the needs return unfulfilled. We are left with a sense of wasted time and energy.

How can you free yourself from these negative patterns? At Renewal I will help you to identify the underlying needs that are really fuelling the behaviour and support you through this process of self-examination and change. I will help you gain perspective and encourage you to persevere in finding more constructive ways to express your needs. You can break free of negative patterns and liberate your energy for growth.


Dreams and the subconscious mind

Beyond the shores of our conscious mind lies the ocean of the subconscious - a rich inner world full of energy and intelligence. The subconscious is the source of our innate qualities as well as our intuition and creativity. It is also the storehouse of our life experience, including the raw emotion that accompanies times of difficulty and confusion. When we fall asleep at night, dreams well up from this strange inner world.

Dreams are like a foreign language. This is why they are so baffling to us. In order to make sense of our dreams we need to appreciate that they communicate through the language of symbols. Dreams cannot be taken at face value. You need to look behind the literal images of dreams to understand their real message.

Dreams are trying to tell us something important that our conscious mind finds difficult to accept. Under these circumstances, our subconscious may try to get our attention by shouting at us and throwing up extreme and sometimes grotesque images in our dreams. The content of these dreams is exaggerated and should not be taken literally. Nonetheless, contained within the dream is something of value. What we need to do is face the dream and unravel its meaning.

At Renewal I will encourage you to understand your dreams. I will support you in accessing the potential of your subconscious mind while at the same time strengthening your day to day relationship with life. I will use my knowledge and experience to help you decipher the symbolic language of your dreams. Dreams offer an opportunity to deal with unresolved experience and unexpressed emotion. I will help you integrate these into your conscious life without feeling overwhelmed. Dreams not only tell us what is out of balance in our life but also help us find the keys to expansion and new life.

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