'The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom.'

We all have days when we feel bored or frustrated. But what is happening when we can’t shake our dark moods? When our frustrations start to intensify and dominate our days? These are signs that something is wrong. Instead of our energy flowing out into life in a fulfilling way, it is blocked inside and works against us. 

When we are feeling depressed the critical question is why. The source of our depression may lie in a vague sense that we can’t connect our potential to the world. Or it may derive from painful or confusing experiences in the past. These unresolved experiences may leave us with exaggerated fears, self-defeating ideas and feelings of vulnerability. Whilst they lie in the shadows of our life, they have the power to haunt us.

The role of therapy is to help you take your troubles out of the shadows and place them in the light of your awareness. In this new light, you gain a clearer perspective on your past and who you are. This clarity gives you the basis for making good decisions to go forward. Discovering and dealing with the sources of your frustration will liberate your energy and get life flowing again.

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