At Renewal I offer one-on-one counselling and psychotherapy. My role is to help you overcome the difficulties that hold your life back.

My therapeutic goal is to bring about positive change by employing a two-fold approach. I work in a direct and practical way to help clients acquire skills to deal with difficult thoughts and emotions, change unhelpful habits, clarify values and goals, and improve relationships. I also work at a deeper, more exploratory and imaginative level with the client’s sense of self, their subconscious mind, deep-seated beliefs and unresolved experiences from the past. This deeper work opens up broader horizons of self-discovery and renewal.

The emphasis placed on each of these approaches is tailored to the particular needs of the individual client. I see both approaches as working in the ‘here and now’ because even when we are dealing with the past and the subconscious mind we are always doing so in the present and with the goal of improving life in tangible ways today.

Positive change arises from self-understanding that wells up within a person, not from advice and theories imposed from the outside. For this reason I remain open and responsive to the distinct needs of those who come to Renewal.

Paul Hains originally established Renewal with Helen Goh in Carlton in 2004. Helen now works in London and Paul has reopened the Melbourne practice. Paul holds a Graduate Diploma in Psychology from Melbourne University, a Diploma in Psychotherapy from the Cairnmillar Institute and a Masters in the Psychology of Religion from the University of London. He has also studied at the Jung Institute in Zurich. Paul draws on a wide range of therapeutic disciplines and techniques in his practice and most recently has focused on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. 


Individual sessions run for one hour and the fee is discussed and agreed upon with the client in the initial session, which is free. A reduced rate is available for students and others not in full-time employment. I aim to make my services accessible and affordable for all.

Here we must follow nature as a guide, and what the therapist then does is less a question of treatment than of developing the creative possibilities latent in the patient himself
— C G Jung

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